Vintage Pallet Bar

Following the success of our temporary pallet bar last year we decided to make something a little more permanent especially with us popping up at the Brighton & Hove Pride Village Party and at a marquee wedding this year.

We had a bit of fun with some reclaimed pallets and a bit of rope at the Propshop.

Prop pallet ropeProp pallet garage

With little more than the pallets, rope, scaffold boards and some zip ties we had ourselves a safe and secure bar for use at the Brighton Rocks street party, part of the Brighton and Hove Pride Village Party, serving craft beers and cocktails alongside the guys from Heathwick Ltd.


After the street party it was back to the Prop shop as we had 5 days to get it wedding ready, just enough time to make a few structural changes and give it a couple of coats of paint.

fixing the pallet barIMG_6167


It was to long week getting the bar wedding ready but with hard work, a little help from friends and a spot of good weather we were able to have the bar ready for it’s maiden wedding voyage as we set off to Hampshire.


The thought of having four reclaimed pallets posing as a bar may not sound like the most appealing idea to a number of brides but once we had our new look pallet bar in place, added our beloved “English Garden’ theme decor and some ambient lighting the bar looked amazing and was a real hit with the bride and the entire wedding party.

Whish & Ian 7th August -258Whish & Ian 7th August -259

The inclusion of a bespoke cocktail menu and a couple of highly skilled mixologists may have helped the guests on their way to an amazing night, we definitely had fun planning, preparing and
delivering at this wedding.

Whish & Ian 7th August -228Pallet bar in marquee


If you would like our assistance in wedding and event planning or would simply like us to provide a bar at an upcoming event, please feel free to contact us for a no obligation consultation and find out just how we can make any event perfect for you and your guests.

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