Whilst enjoying (a lot of) the hospitality scene over here in Melbourne I’ve always kept an eye out for upcycling ideas usable at Pop-Up and festival bars as Prop prepares for this summers’ events.  Some of the creative work and uses of items we would regularly disregard is pretty amazing but somehow I’ve managed to lose the photo’s, and memories, of a lot of these items.  Here is a start to upcycling items I have captured out and about in Melbourne, as for the rest I guess I’ll have to go back out and find them all again…


Situated on Brunswick Street in Fitzroy, the Dining Hall is a great venue; the laid back attitude and casual dining has made it a regular stop for me on a free afternoon whether it be to grab a beer, something to eat or to sample the entire Little Creature range.  Cool upcycling includes hiding the ATM in an old fridge and using old bottles for lamp shades.


I only managed one fleeting visit to Black Market pop up whilst it was open on Smith Street, Fitzroy, but it was well worth it for an exceptional pint of Bloody Mary and a look around the place.  Alongside old tyre hanging baskets was also tables and stools using stacks of old tyres as the legs (sorry no photo’s of these).




Located behind a restaurant in Carlton North, the Wolf’s Lair rooftop bar is a favourite hideaway of mine on a sunny afternoon.

All the furniture is made from old milk crates whether they are stacked together to make a table or stool or attached to the wall and used to show off the plants.



On a trip down to St. Kilda it was decided that we should stop in at Abbey Road for a drink and bite to eat.  Not knowing anything about the venue apart from it’s name, I expected a music bar of sorts and was greeted with just that…but a music cafe with old instruments for decor!  From the horn section hung amongst the rope lights to the drum kit hanging from the ceiling, they’ve got the lot.  And who says sticking your nan’s old piano to the wall isn’t an upcycling art form?!

IMG_3949 IMG_3947


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