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Royal Saxon

About a month ago I was asked by the management team at the Royal Saxon to help develop the cocktail menu to make it fit inline with the venue and it’s clientele.

IMG_3055Identifying the customers requirements at the venue was a relatively easy task as I’ve been working behind the bar at the Saxon on a regular basis since arriving in Melbourne.  Theming the menu to match the venue was a simple decision to make, with an Italian kitchen in operation and a back bar full of amari it only seemed right to follow suit with the cocktail menu.  Following a consultation meeting with the venue management team it was decided that the ‘Italian Summer’ would be the basis for the menu (it is still summer time over here in Melbourne).


  • Task: Rewrite the cocktail menu to suit venue and clientele
  • Theme: Italian Summer
  • Drinks: 12 to include 6 over ice, 3 straight up and 3 sharing
  • Layout: This will be left with management to fit with current food & beverage menu’s
  • Notes: Due to limited space on the menu all drinks should be originals or twists on classics, staff can sell classic cocktails to customers verbally without taking up valuable menu space.



Working closely with the cocktail bartenders (and liaising with management on cost and gross profit) over the past few weeks we have been able to come up with a varied list that we feel will entice the Royal Saxon customers into experiencing some Italian liqueurs they may normally shy away from.

The menu is set to launch today, Thursday 19th February.

I’ll be posting the new menu here as soon as possible, for now here’s a link to the old menu, and with the permission of the venue management I’ll hopefully post the cocktail specs too.

Keep up to date with all goings-on a the Royal Saxon via their Facebook page.

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