Choosing the Ideal Venue for your Event

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When hosting an event, whether it be an office party, friend’s birthday, corporate function or even your own wedding, it is essential to choose a suitable venue for your event. Choosing the right venue can mean the difference between hosting a successful, enjoyable and smooth running event or one that you wish you hadn’t been involved with in the first place!

Here are our top 5 tips for choosing the ideal venue for your event.

1. Location

First and foremost decide where your event is going to take place. You’ll have an idea of location but you’ll also have to take into consideration where your guest will be coming from and the accessibility of your venue to ensure that everyone can attend.

Does the venue have parking, good transportation links and nearby accommodation should people need to stay overnight?

When organising an office party you should consider somewhere close to your office so that people can head there straight from work.

2. Suitability

Check that the venue has the potential to host your specific event whether it be a stand up buffet and drinks event, a sit down meal, dinner and dance or an exhibition. When you visit the venue ask questions relevant to your event requirements and for evidence of the venue hosting similar events in the past.

If you plan on booking a DJ, or live a act, find out if the venue has the equipment required or whether you would need to hire it separately.

If you plan to serve food and/or alcohol at your event make sure that venue holds a license for this. If they do not, ask if they would be willing to obtain a Temporary Events Notice for your event.

3. Size

All venues will have a legal capacity set out in their Premises License so ensure that the venue/room capacity matches the size of your event as closely as possible. Booking a venue that is too small will result in overcrowding; a venue too large can lead to a loss of atmosphere and your event feeling empty.

4. Outside Space

An attractive outside space is a must for summer events as your guests will want to congregate with a drink outside if the sun is shining. If you choose to host an indoor event on a sunny day be prepared to usher people into the venue when food is served or the entertainment starts.

Outside spaces can be appropriate for winter events too, just make sure that there is some form of shelter from rain and heaters for the cold. There will always be some daring party attendees that will want to stand outside whatever the weather!

5. Catering

Events can be won and lost based on the food and drink offerings from canapés to sit down meals and drink receptions to bar menus. Make sure you are clear about what is best for your event and what the venue can provide you with.

It might be the case that you have found the ideal location however the venue cannot provide the catering that you require.  This should not be a stumbling block for your event as there are plenty of external catering companies that can provide high quality, bespoke food menus from sit down meals to buffets and barbecues, along with Pop Up bars, to suit your event.

How can Prop help?

I hope that my tips are useful in your search for the ideal venue. Should you need any help please feel free to get in touch with us here at Prop. We have worked with a number of venues in Brighton for many years and offer a no obligation event consultancy that could save you the time and hassle it takes in searching for venues yourself.

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