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Hello, We're Prop!

We are Robbie and Kerry and, after what felt like a lifetime in the hospitality industry, we launched Prop out of a genuine desire to do something different, fun and rewarding.

By creating bars and events that both customers and staff enjoyed, and by offering flexible consultancy services that support and improve businesses, we achieve our objectives and, bit by bit, make the world of discerning beverage consumption, a better place.

Prop is flexible, creative, fun, committed, responsible and very hard working. These are our values and these define what we do and whom we work with. Above everything else, we don’t believe in cutting corners and we do care about peoples happiness.

Everyone needs a prop now and again.

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Ask Rossman: Ask the experts

Q: I need to rent a home in Virginia, but have been told by several property management companies that it would be cheaper for me to rent on a month-by-month basis rather than buy a whole-house rental. However, the monthly payments would be lower for a short-term lease. What are the pros and cons of renting versus buying in Virginia? I am not planning to live there long-term, but want to know how much it would cost me if I don't stay very long. -- Kelly

A: Rental properties are obviously popular. Thanks to what some call the "stagnant" home prices, it makes sense that many would be more inclined to rent. But when you're not planning on staying long-term, you typically spend a little more on the rent.

Kelly, I hear your question. And I'm guessing you've made some inquiries to property management companies to get some information on the viability of short-term versus long-term leases.

Now I'm guessing that you already knew that if you're planning on renting, you'd be paying more. If you rented a home for three months, and you were planning on living there, your rent would have to go up.

What you may not have realized is that there are other expenses associated with renting.

Your housing agency may have required a safety deposit or a first and last month's rent payment to secure your unit. In addition, you may have had to pay a security deposit and initial rent, for example, Kelly said.

And the homeowners insurance you purchased when you rented the home may require you to provide a renter's insurance policy. Some insurance companies charge a premium for renters.

Rental companies also tend to add more expense if your lease is longer than the six-month term. "If the rental home is longer than your lease, you will need to secure additional insurance on your property," Kelly said.

Are all these expenses worth it? From a pure financial perspective, buying might be the best option for a renter in Virginia.

Depending on your car insurance policy, car insurance can cover all or part of the cost of repairs or replacement. The quotes provided are according to the insurer's specifications, which means that you can be sure you are getting the most suitable deal.

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About insurance liability levels

In liability insurance, the maximum amount the insurer will pay for all claims resulting from a single occurrence, no matter how many people are injured, how much property is damaged, or how many different claimants may make claims. So, you can’t put all your lawsuits in one file cabinet. Prohibit or Prohibit Ownership — You can’t have more than one car in your name. And you can’t own more than one set of car keys.

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Perpetrator Claims/Class Action Damages

These are the claims that result from someone else’s attack — physical, mental, or otherwise.

Perpetrator Claims — do you have to get this on your car insurance or homeowner’s insurance policy?

Do you have to get this on your car insurance or homeowner’s insurance policy? Class Action Damages — do you have to get this on your car insurance or homeowner’s insurance policy?

Perpetrator Claims

Most car insurance policies don’t specifically exclude “perpetrator claims” from their excess liability policies.

This is, as best I can tell, because insurers don’t want to pay out liability claims for assault and battery, since that would go against their business interests.

And as a result, you can be sued for these claims. You don’t have to participate in these lawsuits. The only thing you have to do is pay the victim whatever’s left in your auto or homeowners insurance policy, or the victim may sue you in court.

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Perpetrator Claims/Class Action Damages

Class Action Damages

You cannot sue the people whose car you caused an accident with, even if you caused injury or property damage.

There is a federal law that prohibits this, but some states have laws that allow lawsuits against these drivers. You do not have to be a member of this class to bring a suit in court, and class actions can cover multiple people who were injured or property damage was caused.

There’s also a form of medical malpractice suit against medical professionals. It applies when there’s a mistake or an incorrect treatment that causes harm to a patient. The victim gets compensated for this, but only if it’s deemed a legal mistake.

And then, of course, there are lawsuits brought by employees who say they’ve been fired, demoted, or otherwise discriminated against for engaging in protected activities.

Non-Class Action Damages

In some states, car insurers may allow drivers to bring lawsuits over certain claims, including:

  • Driving in an unlicensed car
  • Theft of vehicle
  • Traffic infractions
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PROP: Noun
1. A person or thing that is a major source of support or assistance
2 A portable object

PROP: Verb
To support or keep in position.

PROP: Phrase
‘Prop Up the Bar’ Spend a considerable time drinking in a pub

Consultancy & Training

We've worked for corporates and independents, bars, restaurants and nightclubs, in Brighton, London and further afield. But the basic principles remain the same – there is always a right way to do things and we believe in best practice.

We can help in the following areas; stock management, Training and Development, kitchen and food management, profit and loss reporting and analysis, back office systems and procedures and digital marketing. Whatever area we support you in, we are efficient and approachable and focused on results.

We are developing some key training courses for bartenders and bar managers. It's important to us that our training is inspiring and results driven, with practical application and focused on an improvement in individual performance that benefits the business' reputation and, most importantly, the bottom line. We can tailor any training courses to meet the requirements of your business. They can be branded and designed to reflect your business's goals and circumstances.

Get in touch and lets talk about how we can help out in a way that's affordable and works for you.

Get in touch

Event Planning & Management

What we love doing at Prop is organising parties. And we mean big events.

Over the last few years we've arranged and managed corporate events and parties for the likes of Heineken, Jagermeister, Patron, Havana, Baby Loves Disco, Water Aid, Eurogamer and Wired Sussex.

We pride ourselves on seeing things through from event conception to the niggly post event 'tying up all the loose ends' and all the steps in between. We are extremely thorough and we are people that really do pay attention to the detail, ensuring that every product launch, team building event, christmas party, fundraiser and brand celebration goes off without a hitch and everyone has a fantastic experience.

We will find the perfectly matched venue for your company and event, book the best entertainment, find the ideal caterers, host the slickest of drinks receptions and you can rely on us to deal with all and any issues that may occur along the way. You can rely on Prop to execute a truly fabulous party, whatever your size, budget and theme, and all you need worry about is having a great time.

Get in touch

Our Events

We will literally pop up all over the place. When we see an opportunity to run a bar and have a laugh, we'll be there. We'll be putting together a quality schedule of events over the next few months so follow us on Twitter or Facebook to keep up to date with what we're up to.

We love our Prop Garden Bar with classic English cocktails, homemade lemonade, herb gardens and croquet. We love a tiki beach bar, with rum punch, cocktail umbrellas, pineapples, volleyball and bad Hawaain shirts. And, my god, we love a good old prohibition style speakeasy where the bourbon flows freely amongst well dressed gentlemen while we serve ladles of bath tub gin into tea cups to some impeccable 20s swing. And that's not the half of it!

If you want to get involved and work with us on an event or if you have an idea and want to get it off the ground, we are flexible, excitable and can get things moving quickly. We pulled off one Pop Up Event with 36 hours notice!



PROP @ Street Driner Brighthelm Gardens, Queens Road, Brighton More Details

Your Events

We can provide the whole shebang.

Tell us what you’re organising and the Prop team will put together the bar concept, theme, décor, some fabulous staff and a top quality drinks menu and then we’ll manage everything from start to finish, leaving you to have fun and enjoy your party.

There will be no stress, this is what we know and we love what we do.

So whether you’re planning a birthday, wedding reception, festival or an event of any kind where people need to drink, the Prop team will pull it off with finesse and ensure that everyone has a blast!

We work with a variety of food and drink suppliers, chefs, BBQ champions, DJ’s, sound and light experts and marketing agencies to handle that side of things.

Our Services

Make an enquiry

"Baby Loves Disco UK has had the pleasure of working with the super-organised and super-charming Robbie Whishaw at Audio for the past 3 years. In his management of our events nothing is ever impossible or too much trouble, and because of this, Audio remains Baby Loves Disco’s favourite venue throughout the UK to host our events. " Lesley Woodall, Baby Loves Disco

"Having worked with Robbie during his time at Audio on branding events for Heineken, we were happy to have him onboard to help with the launch of the Heineken lounge at The Amex football stadium. Prop helped with the planning and promotion of the launch and were able to source DJs and equipment suitable for the event" Dave Flower, Heineken UK

"We used Prop to plan our corporate social event, Robbie was extremely helpful, both in the lead up to and on the actual day of the event. Overall the day was a great success and we would highly recommend Prop to anyone looking for a company to plan and manage a social event. " Zeynep Kazdal, PWC LLP, 2014

"Prop were a joy to have at my event, If it wasn't for Prop I don't the public would have enjoyed themselves half as much. I would highly recommend Prop to anyone, they are more then a pop-up bar they're friendly and accommodating, down to earth people" Asleigh, Pop Up Brighton

"Robbie and his team have hosted several events for us over the years. They've always gone the extra mile to accommodate us and ensure the events run smoothly." Rupert Loman, CEO, Gamer Network

"Pernod Ricard UK values the contribution that Prop have made to working with us and in hosting our branding events, these are a brilliant way to engage convivially with our consumers. The organising of these events requires a significant amount of planning/coordination which Robbie has provided in ensuring they run successfully." Robert Foulds, Pernod Ricard

Drop us a line!

We'd love to hear from you. Let's talk, let's meet up, let's drink coffee and plan a party!

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